Things I love

by tiffanysc2013

This past week has been a mix of busy and not busy. I finally got a haircut after 7 months and I have mermaid hair again! I spent a ton of time with my 3 youngest niece and nephews (Isabella with her drum set is pictured below), I got a job and I finally finished the last of the poppycock that my mother-in-law, Leesa, made. It’s my favourite holiday treat! I also have new stand in dishes. When I moved from LA I donated my dishes because they were a mixture of different sets from living with roommates. When Levi and I moved into our townhouse in late December I refused to buy new dishes until I found the perfect ones. It wasn’t really a big deal because we were using our china that was given to us by some close friends as a wedding gift. Food tastes and looks so much better when it is on china! That rule lasted three weeks until I invited my in-laws over for dinner and I made a crack about eating off of paper plates because we only had 2 sets of china. Levi made us buy some temporary ones from IKEA, and I was heart-broken about not being able to hold fast to my rule. Hopefully I can complete my china set soon and that I can also find a lovely set of hand crafted plates to go with them.