let them have fun

by tiffanysc2013

Tomorrow Levi and I are having a house-warming party. I am excited to have people over except I am dreading how they will get here. The more I think about the townhouse complex I live in the more I realize how incredibly indifferent the design is to visitors or people who like to meander around neighbourhoods. The picture below is the main entrance to each Townhouse. In a sort of weird way I don’t mind the rhythm and the designer/purchaser’s brutal honesty about not wanting to see or know their neighbours by only entering through the garage. I can tell they ‘tried’ to give it a certain look but let’s be honest about its unfriendly exterior. How do guest know how to find the house they are looking for? Sure they can see the house number but HOW do they get to the front entrance? I asked Levi if I should make a detailed map on where to park and how to get into the house. He said that it’s not that hard. I think he’s right about not telling people how to find us other than leaving a cell number and an address. Let them have fun finding a non descript generic house in the middle of many. Image