um…ok…..sort of

by tiffanysc2013

This evening I drove my 13-year-old niece around the entire city. I love spending time with her but I’ve noticed lately that as she gets older the more she throws her diction out the window. Her vocabulary consists entirely of ‘um’ ‘ok’ ‘sorta’ ‘not really’ and ‘i don’t know’s. I WAS LOSING MY MIND. Not only because I couldn’t get a legible sentence out of her, but also because she needed a certain amount of things done in the evening that she never planned for or alluded to the day before. And I was the lucky person to drive her around to several places based on her whims as she remembered them. I planned to pick her up at 6:30 pm, drop her off at her place and then go home. That changed when I called to confirm the pick up time at 5:30 pm.

niece: I need to go to my friend’s house to put my hair up in curlers after practice.

tiffany: why do you need your hair done tonight?

niece: it’s for the competition tomorrow.

tiffany: where does she live?

niece: ummmmmm

tiffany: what time is your friend expecting you and how long will it take?

niece: i don’t know

tiffany: what time should I pick you up from practice then?

niece: I’m not really sure. I could stay till 6:30.

tiffany: should I come pick you up now?

niece: um….maybe?

tiffany: so you don’t know her address?

niece: somewhere in forest…… (trials off into an inaudible tone)

tiffany: so you know where it is?

niece: sort of

-that is basically how the entire evening went.

Parents must have a super powers once their children are born in regards to patience.