month of cake!

by tiffanysc2013

March is my favourite month of the year. It’s almost like christmas. As most people know I am crazy about birthdays. I’m not sure why, but I’ve come to finally realize that I am that person who cares about something most people try to avoid. I’m sure it’s annoying but I can’t stop myself.  Half of my family are Pieces and I love meeting others who are born in the same month as I secretly believe we are instantly connected because of it. Crazy talk!

Here is a breakdown of the family birthdays:

Levi (husband):  Feb 28
Dakota (nephew):  March 1
Dad: March 3
Riley (nephew): March 4
Chandra (niece): March 10
Crystal (amazing cousin): March 11
Myself: March 12
Matthew and Arnie (my youngest and oldest brother): March 16

This year was my dad’s 75th birthday party and my family was able to rally together again for a surprise birthday party (we did one for his 70th as well). It went off without a hitch, he was completely surprised and it was nice to see some of my brothers who live around Vancouver. My dad was recently in the hospital for some time so it was a great for us all to see him in better health.

The day before the surprise party my nieces and nephews along with a few friends  and I went to Launch Pad. It’s this amazing place with wall to floor trampolines. I’m going to try to go there as much as possible because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be shut down soon. When we went on Friday night it was over capacity and rules were hardly adhered to. It was amazing and liberating as an adult – basically it’s my happy place.

The trampoline pictures are mostly blurry – but they are kind of awesome that way.