15 degrees

by tiffanysc2013

Today it’s suppose to be 15 degrees (59 degrees fahrenheit). It hits it’s peak at 5 pm and then drops back down from there. I wasn’t so sure this day would come. I want to know why I feel so happy about this. In Los Angeles anything between 5 degrees and 10 degrees (41-50 degrees fahrenheit) it’s winter weather, but this weekend when it was 6 degrees I saw a motor cyclist, a cyclist and a two rollerbladers in the same block when I was driving around town. Yesterday I even wore a dress without leggings or nylons. It was an amazing feeling! Even Lulu is enjoying watching the snow melt.



Maybe that’s why I like Edmonton so much. It’s the simplest things that make me grateful and bitter at the same time. Most of my wardrobe is dedicated to summer but here in Edmonton because it doesn’t over 20 degrees too often I doubt I’ll wear most of the clothes the way I use to in LA. I can see how this sounds like griping, but truly I am sad. BUT the best thing is happening today. Not only is it 15 degrees above today I’m also going to a hockey game with my dad. It’s one of my favourite things to do with my dad and it doesn’t happen so often anymore. This also means I get to wear Levi’s hockey jersey that he wore when he played as a kid. It’s been shared between the Collinge cousins when ever there was a young one needing a jersey for when they played but now it’s all mine and fits! Go Oilers go!