neighbourhood adventures

by tiffanysc2013

Well, it happened. I have made contact! I’ve lived in the condo for 7 months now and I finally met my first neighbour. Technically this is my second encounter with some one from the hood. Levi’s high school friend lives across the alley coincidentally and we speak to him regularly but other than that I haven’t said ‘hello’ to another in the area since we moved in.

It happened on the weekend that I dyed fabric for the summer solstice party. It was awesome. She was friendly once we started talking (even though we didn’t say anything to each other for the first 5 minutes). Afterwards I purposefully went out of my way to greet to two more adjoining neighbours when I was outside. They only replied ‘hello’ back but I made eye contact to make sure they saw me! Later that evening when I brought in the fabric from drying outside, three children from a few doors down came over to ask what I was doing and after I explained the process they said it was really cool. It’s been three weeks since the encounter but I’m hoping for more of them.

A week later, Levi and I were watching the “Grand Budapest Hotel” and we heard a truck back into the side of our house. The driver was a heavy-duty mechanic and the crane (or also known as a picker) on his truck bed collided into our bay window siding. Classic! I suppose the suburbs can get a little exciting at times.

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