driveway ornamentation

by tiffanysc2013


The only neighbour I spoke to in our townhouse village moved out last month. They were the only people who had parties late into the night in our cul-de-sac. I’m sure it irritated our neighbours but it made me like them even more. They were renting just like us and yesterday I saw the owners painting and refinishing the interior but I only stared. I fear I have become a suburbanite. I stared at them as I stood in my garage 20′ away in their garage watching them work… one said hello. Although we did glance at each other quickly from the side without acknowledging each other. At first I tried to muster the courage to say hello. But then I just let it be. I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

In other suburban news I am still the only person with plants on my deck in the “alley”. I thought perhaps more people would try to cheer up the drive through corridor balcony but alas everyone has accepted its dreaded look except for my attempts at showing some form of decoration. I have seen some bbqs and a chair on some of the balconies. You can sort of preview other balconies in the photos below.

I also made three types of jam last night. One with Certo pectin, another batch without Certo that included a hard boil for 12 min from the Blue Chair Jam book and the last recipe was a freezer jam with Jello. My favourite jam is made by my Grandma (Strawberry Rhubarb) and it uses jello so I thought I would give it a whirl with raspberries. Hopefully they taste delicious.

I’m my mind these types of posts are most certainly ordinary (boring) but I wonder if the fact that I am writing about it and calling it out as ordinary does it at all become interesting to anyone but myself?

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