warm weather lament

by tiffanysc2013

This Edmonton summer has been exceptional. No really! While I grew up in Edmonton, LA has ruined me for warmth as I became acutely aware of slight changes in temperature between 80 degrees and 70 degrees fahrenheit (27 – 21 degrees Celsius) and detested anything below it because I would have to wear socks. But this summer was perfect. Tons of bike rides, lovely sunsets, outdoor pools, berry picking, river rafting, full of warmth through all of July and the mosquitos only came out in the last two weeks which while it’s always a hassle, better late than forever. When I visited the Hollywood Bowl in the summer in Los Angeles I described it as: amazing atmospheric music out in the open air under a starry sky surrounded by the dramatic hollywood hills…..without mosquitos. That last part gets every Edmontonian to gasp with envy. Those pesky bugs can really be a bother. I actually forgot they existed until I moved back.

Not only is Alberta beautiful in the summer with lush and expansive landscapes it also has wonderful late sunsets and early sunrises. I think it’s Latitude’s way of saying “sorry for the 8 months of winter” kind of deal where the days seem longer and you are tricked into a 1 – 2 month spout of warmth. For example on summer solstice (June 21) the sun doesn’t set until close to midnight and then rises as 4 am. But it has now moved to a 9 pm sunset with a 6 am sunrise. Soon in December it will be a 4 pm sunset and a 9 am sunrise……. See! The summer mourning begins!

BUT we are not there yet. It’s a swing into the fall phase with a few weeks left of warmth so hopefully I can get on the bike as often as possible. Below are a few photos I took this summer. Of course it’s aways better in person.


photo 1 photo 4 photo 3photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4  photo 1 photo 2  photo 4   photo 3photo 2 photo 5photo 5  photo 3photo 1