the chalet

by tiffanysc2013

I have found the Cadillac of suburban homes nestled area of Summer Side.

This neighbourhood is described as “a newer neighbourhood built around a beautiful resort style lake. Combining city living with a day at the beach it is assured that there is no other neighbourhood like Summerside in all of Edmonton.

Beautiful is bit of a stretch as a descriptor for the community, but I will write a bit more about Summer Side in another post. For now I’d like to focus solely on this interpretation in a suburban locked community. I’ve found the mullet townhouse in Terwillegar that juxtaposes two dissimilar materials but this home combines an abundance of chalet like peaks in combination with capital investment to make this beauty feel like you are on a permanent vacation with its joyful yellow colour and it’s possible gross over exaggeration of interior spaces.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 5

When I saw this home I immediately thought of the Inntel Hotel and Conference Centre designed by WAM in Amsterdam.



271_3_WAM-architecten_InntelHotel_Zaandam_04 (2)

I think this formation is pretty rad as a hotel and conference centre. Large programatic spaces like these can be difficult to show refined detail and often result in one large movement. This happens with the Inntel Hotel as a stacking typology, except due to the type of shapes they specify (traditional houses in Amsterdam) they have several configurations within itself allowing for stylized cohesive differentiation.

Specifically this is a façade treatment. The plan inside the conference centre could be ordinary which is what I believe the suburban house regulates to as well. I suppose each of those peaks in the house could signify a separate room, but I think it is doubtful.  There are several versions of this house throughout the City of Edmonton, but I feel this one shows itself like a prize pony. Bland Opulence at it’s best. To summarize so you are not confused. Hotel and conference centre: good. Yellow suburban chalet: pretty bad.

photo 3

The photos of the Summer Side house do not seem to show off its garish largeness the way I hoped because of the other monster houses beside it, but it’s bit like meeting someone with too much make up on their face. It’s impossible not to stare and you wonder how they can’t possibly know what they have done to themselves. But like this house, when photographed it probably looks fine, if not a better version of itself…or sometimes not.