game changer

by tiffanysc2013

New Year and new days.

Hopefully my break from blogging is over but frankly posting during a time of vulnerability always seems like a bad idea so I’m not sure if I’m really back. But I am blogging none the less because we are at the apex of winter and I’m beginning to see the error of my intentions as the blog is called Suburban Siberia. In short all is fine but I am a container full of dramatic feelings depending on the day, which I am not so sure they are based on reality. If you really think about it though, winter can be a depressing time and so my feelings are intrinsically tied to the season whether I want to admit it publicly or not. But also I have to remind myself this blog is more of a digital diary so I guess it’s my blog (party) and I can blog (cry) when I want to.

Mike Tyson says it best “Everyone’s got a game plan until they get punched in the face”.

Shane Mosely, Antonio Margarito