Summer Solstice

Today is my favourite summer day. June 21st the longest day of the year. Around this time it becomes increasingly hard to focus on work as I daydream about bike rides and the best place for summer picnics. This province really comes into it’s own this time of year where everything is green and the thought of winter is a cold distant memory that you heard about once long ago. Today is perfect and it feels like it lasts virtually forever because of the late sunsets. Tonight the sun should finally rest closer to midnight and that’s ok by me.

Below are some photos from the past few days which include scenery from a few bike rides, and rolling prairie fields from a site visit I did yesterday close to Wabamun Lake for a Cider House project. This is also where I also tasted some young field strawberries. I can hardly wait to go strawberry and raspberry picking this summer!

IMG_3552IMG_3601IMG_3358 IMG_3241